Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today I am checking out of the Imperial Palace and moving next door to The Flamingo, our official hotel. My bags are packed and it is with pleasure I close the door to my room and head downstairs to reception. I leave my bags with the Bell Desk because it is too early to check in at Flamingo and I want to get breakfast before meeting the kittens for our Jubilee backstage tour at Ballys.

Off I trot to Jean Phillippe at my second home, The Bellagio. Have you noticed I like saying that? The Bellagio! I'm sure I will see George Clooney any day now. The patisserie is very busy so I have plenty of time to decide on a pastry.

Back across the road to Ballys where we gather at the Jubilee Theatre entrance to have a class photo. Paula, a long term showgirl is our tour guide. She is an All-American girl (her own words) who always wanted to dance and now she is doing it without her top on! In a classy way! She shows us how to walk sideways without our breasts shaking and I know that everyone will be practicing when they get home. Then we learn how to walk down stairs without looking down - trade secret. She is lovely and full of information but can't help adding a little dig at some of the girls for various reasons. A few of us raise our eyebrows as it doesn't seem quite appropriate, nevertheless we do love a bit of gossip. Even though we aren't allowed to take photos Paula let's us get in some sneaky ones of the headdresses which are A-mazing! She then gives us a make up demonstration and the few boys in our group are transfixed and taking copious notes.

I am having great trouble with the exposure on my camera and I am constantly doing test pics to see if the light is right. Lots of my indoor pics are yellow and my outside ones are blurred because there is a ridiculous amount of neon light. It's annoying and the lens cover also is somehow damaged as it doesn't open and close properly. Oh dear!

After the tour I feel the need to escape with the onset of PMS. Moodiness is taking over so it's best I disappear for a couple of hours. All the ladies go to the MAC store to purchase the Russian Red lipstick that Paula demonstrated with but I am happy with my Boots No. 7 Moulin Rouge so am not bothered. I also have to go and check in at The Flamingo so it's back to the Imperial to collect my bags and make the move.

Oh my goodness will I ever get used to this smoky coconut smell? No! My room is quite nice and I even have a coffee table and lounge along with a writing desk. I settle in and chill out for a little while. I unpack my suitcase and make use of the drawers. I will be here for a week.

Time is ticking by and I must glam up for the Jubilee Show. We have terrific seats as it's only a small venue and we anxiously await Paula's entrance. We are expecting a modest show because their tops will be staying on but we Ooh and Oh when it is clear that it is to be a topless performance. The costumes are so incredibly fabulous that they are the centre of attention but I watch the ladies do their sidewalking with a knowledgable eye checking for incorrect movement. Paula told us that all the ladies are natural and this is pleasing to us all. We are also on the lookout for the ones that may be too skinny as they will be told to fatten up!!! Imagine! The men definitely take a backseat in this show and honestly they are a bit disappointing. Their efforts seem a bit lacking. As Paula descends the giant staircase in the finale we evaluate her technique and it is perfect. She really stands out as being the professional principal that she is.

After the show everyone disperses as we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow and hangovers will not be a good idea. It has been a wonderful night.

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