Saturday, December 18, 2010


A little sleep in is required, then I meet Miss Catherine and we head to Cafe Bellagio for breakfast. I am looking forward to my lobster omelette and rightly so, it is delicious. The waitress has a small freak out when I ask for a mix of orange and pineapple juice but when I change my mind and agree with Catherine about adding apple juice she almost has a meltdown. We are suitably stuffed and have a little wander around the hotel and discover Jean Phillippe Patisserie which has divine cakes and mountains of pastries. It also has a chocolate fountain dribbling white, milk and dark chocolate. Have a look at the photos if you can. We will be back for afternoon tea.

Miss C convinces me to go to Cirque De Soleil's "O" with her so I convince her to come to Barry Manilow. I hadn't planned on "O" but the tickets are 25% off (still well over $100) and it's the last show for the year. What the hell, can't see it anywhere else in the world!! I get very excited. We then go across the road to Bally to purchase our Jubilee tickets with a 2 for 1 coupon. Excitement is growing as we head next door to Paris to pick up Barry tickets for his last show of the year. I am getting a bit giddy with glee as I tuck my tickets safely in my bag and hold tight.

We are going to the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood which is a mix of labels and cheaper stores. I need to buy a t shirt because the weather is unseasonably warm and I only have long sleeved ones with me. I get a couple from H & M for $6 each. Bargain!

It's time for afternoon tea so it's back to the Bellagio and Jean Phillippe where we get $5 lattes and a cake to share. It isn't really a surprise that the coffee is average but the cake is so yummy! We need to get cracking as we have to meet other kittens in the Garden Bar at The Flamingo at 6pm prior to Barry. Along the way we run into Miss Deb (Not Maybe Miss Debby). It's always amazing when you run into someone you know in a strange place. We locate the Garden Bar, head to our rooms to shower and glam up.

As we gather in the bar it's kind of weird as I know faces but not the people. I feel awkward but I know that will pass so I just keep sipping my vodka. Off we go to Barry Manilow and I am very happy with my seat even though Miss Jane and crew have incredible seats very close. I love the show and there are lots of old home movies with Barry as a child and then he screens a clip of him singing Mandy and he duets with himself. It was lovely. He moves a bit like he has had a hip replacement but it's his voice and the songs we know so well that are so enjoyable.

We have about an hour before we see "O" so we slowly wander across the road. Of course it is very busy so it's not long before we need to be seated. The show is absolutely superb and I am constantly awestruck. There is so much happening all over the stage it's impossible to see it all. I marvel at the discipline and talent of the performers and don't want them to stop.

It has been a wonderful and magical night of entertainment and I am much happier now that I have someone to talk to and joke with.

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Chris Beer said...

That sounds like a gr8 day.