Saturday, December 25, 2010


Before I start on Thursday's activities I will share with you a couple of observations I have made. In the evenings and possibly other odd times there is a strong sewerage smell as you pass by the casinos. I came to expect it each day. That's all. I can't explain the reason for it.

I have picked up a smoker's cough and it's not welcome. Regardless of being in a non smoking room, which in turn I expect is the whole floor, I could smell the smoke as soon as I walked in. This cough is to bother me for the rest of the trip and continue well past my return date. My skin and eyes are very dry even with constant hydration and excess moisturiser.

As Miss Catherine and I were walking along one day she said to me "have you noticed a lot of people have limps?" and I most definitely had noticed just like I had noticed the amount of wheelchair bound and disabled in Downtown LA. We tried to find a pattern or common thread other than the limp but there was not one to be found. It became a bit of an "I Spy" type thing which was very easy to play.

The voltage in the USA is half that of what we have in Australia so charging my phone and camera batteries took 2 days and didn't last any longer. Even though my phone wasn't working for calls I used it for the time and my alarm. I wondered why I had to keep charging it when I wasn't using it and this is the reason. Americans must get an electric shock when they come here!!! Baahhhaa!

The National Finals Rodeo is on and that means lots of cowboys. We all talk about picking up a horse riding, cow tying, bull bucking man in a hat but to tell you the truth they don't appeal to me. I think all the young ones who are participating in the event are being good lads and getting their beauty sleep which leaves all the bandy legged oldies out on the streets. So no, I will pass thanks.

Okay so onto Thursday and our private bus Krystal that is taking us to the outlet malls. I take the front seat as I like to see where we are going and get the best view. First stop is the Welcome To Vegas sign for a group photo. We literally take over the spot and other tourists are very patient with us for hogging the space. But wait we aren't finished yet! We do the Shim Sham Shimmy for Miss Jane's home video. I don't think I'm the only one feeling a bit goofy but it was fun.

We have 2 hours at the first outlet and everyone takes off in various directions. I see the Vanity Fair store and I am rapt as I think I will pick up some of my favourite bras but alas it is not to be. I am a common size! Never mind, I already bought 2 at Macy's. Oh that reminds me, I seem to have forgotten to tell you about my Macy's trip. Let's segue......

Oh dear I can't even remember what day it was. Anyway the point is, Macy's never lets me down. I got my new perfume in a gift box with shower gel and lotion that I have been waiting months for. I then bought a ring that I have been looking for for more months than the perfume and it was way cheaper than I expected. My last purchase was 2 bras and I can't tell you how difficult it is to find the right one of these. Oh and then I got a stash of Godiva chocolate bars. Segue back.......

Time is running out and I haven't made a purchase. I feel like a loser. I go into a very cheap looking store and find some t shirts for $3.98 each. What a ridiculous price! I buy three even though I will have to try and shrink them a little. I make a last stop at the Nike store and find 2 workout tops for $30 each which is very good. Thrilling! I am scared of being left behind so I hot foot it back to the bus and it turns out I am the first one back.

On the move we go to the next outlet which has the same stores plus a few more. It is outdoors and really quite nice. It's like something you might see on the Gold Coast. I am trying hard but not too hard to buy something but all I end up with is lunch and several bars of Godiva chocolate which I am really very happy about.

This time I am the last one back to the bus. There is a shoe purchase count and the number is 43 or something over the top like that. Most kittens have bought several pairs of Converse so they will be on foot display over the last few days. (The final tally for shoes will be approx 50 to which I will later add 1 pair) Time to be ferried back to the hotel and tonight will be a free one and I am glad of that as I am feeling very tired and rushed.

I make a date with Debby and after a short rest and shower we wander down to a supermarket that sells very cheap alcohol. I buy a 1 litre bottle of Smirnoff for $24. Isn't that outrageous? Miss Debby goes for the Australian white wine and I grab a bag of crisps to snack on. We make ourselves comfortable in Debby's room by putting everything within arm distance so we don't have to move once we sit down. The TV is on but we don't end up watching anything as we can't stop talking. The vodka is going down very fast as the glasses are those little ones that don't encourage drinking. Turns out I get a bit drunk, what a surprise, and it's not long before I have to go to bed. It has been very relaxing and fun to sloth about for the night.

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