Monday, December 20, 2010


Guess where I am going for breakfast today? That's right, Cafe Bellagio. So I meet Miss Catherine and Miss Deb and off we go. I make the indulgent decision to have waffles and of course I feel quite ill afterwards. We have our tap dancing masterclass today and really I should have filled up on protein but holidays are no place for guilt. I do buy some fruit salad to have for my lunch though.

Our masterclass with Miss Rusty Frank is about 4 hours or so and I am wearing new taps on my shoes which turns out to be a hindrance as the floor is super slippery and I am very hesitant to go nuts. I don't think it really mattered in the end as I couldn't keep up anyway. It was very difficult or rather tricky and while I know I would be able to do the steps after some practice it just wasn't coming together for me today. Oh well, never mind! It was great taking part.

Afterwards we cabbed it back to The Strip to pick up our Cirque De Soleil "Viva Elvis" tickets at Aria and then it was home to quickly shower, try to eat and get back there on time for the show. We grabbed some food and ate without taking a breath.

Tonight I wear the blue dress. It has a ribbon that goes around me under the bust but it looks awful so I put it in my hair because that hasn't gone right either. In the end I look suitably glamorous and head out the door. We arrive at the theatre just in the nick of time and it turns out I am sitting next to some mini kittens and parents with Miss Catherine in front of me. I finally take a breath and relax.

The show is fabulous but I must say a little lacking in the acrobatics department. It is more dancing which is truly wonderful and the duet for Suspicion Minds has us in a romantic swoon, but we are at a circus so I am expecting more somersaults. There was an absolutely fantastic scene with 5 or so performers dressed as superheroes jumping on trampolines and up and down walls. That was truly a highlight!

After the show we go to the Gold Lounge where we are given diva seating. We were given a bunch of 2 for 1 drinks passes on the way in so we were set for the night with cheap drinks. Otherwise some serious dollars would have been spent. The cameras are clicking furiously and we enjoy pretending to be "somebody". A couple of hours go by and tiredness is making itself known. Mr Shane has passed out simply due to insomnia but of course it is mistaken for drunkenness and he is asked to leave. Time for bed.

Another ritzy night of entertainment and frivolity has been had.

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