Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I have a bit of a sleep in which is just lovely and then it's time to meet the others for brunch at the Bellagio buffet. We wait for about an hour in the line and because there are more than 8 of us we are slapped with an automatic 18% gratuity. This happens everywhere, what a crock! It doesn't matter it only costs $37.77 anyway and that includes unlimited champagne so woo hoo!

Soon we are making our first course selections and the choices are terrific. We ooh and ahh at each other's plates and tuck in. And so it goes.....until we are ready for dessert. I must say the selections here are a bit weak and I am surprised but that doesn't stop me from having 6 cakes. They are only small pieces!!! Technically it was 5 serves because 1 of them had 2 portions. As there is only so much one can eat and drink it's not long before we are full up and wondering what to do for the rest of the day.

Some kittens have departed for other cities already and some will leave in the evening. The remaining cats make plans to meet for drinks in the Garden Bar at 6pm prior to moving on to various activities. Miss Debby and I go across the road to Caesar's Palace to buy our tix for Leonard Cohen, his last concert of the tour. We get the cheap seats at $50 plus tax and are very excited. Neither of us know anything about Mr Hallelujah and the concert is 4 hours but we don't mind. We decide if we are bored or don't like it, had enough etc, we can leave! Simple!

We go back to the hotel for some reason, can't remember, and then meet up again to go to the Atomic Testing Museum. Miss Cathy (not on the trip) told me about this place and I am adamant that I will visit. After all I have a coupon to use. I'm glad Miss Debby is coming with me, I like to share these things. We figure it's about 20 mins to walk and we are not far wrong. It might have been half an hour, again something I can't remember now. The museum is fascinating and there is an abundance of information on every wall space possible. There really is too much as quite a bit is repeated. We are both getting weary and overloaded so stop reading every info point. You could spend a couple of hours in here easily but you definitely need a clear head.

Out into the fresh air we stroll with fatigue back to the hotel. I can't wait to wear my new dress and shoes. It's just after 5pm when we arrive back at HQ and I am in need of a shower. I don't have time to wash my hair so I am little nervous as to what I will do with it. I need a spiffy do to go with my dress! I warn Miss Debby that I probably won't make it to drinks at 6pm but will be there soon after. Oh my dress makes me feel fabulous and I am very happy with my hair. I glide down to the Garden Bar and feel a million dollars. Everyone compliments me and it's lovely.

There are a few more goodbyes to get through before we disperse. Miss Jane and Mr Grant are coming to Mr Cohen also so we head there together. After a champagne toast we make our way upstairs to the nosebleed section of the theatre. We are sitting on opposite sides but can still see each other....just.

Leonard Cohen is 76 years old and is a living legend. This is the last concert of his tour and I admit to feeling very pleased to be here. The concert is just amazing and I am blown away by every song. I can't get enough and I thought I might have been a bit bored??? After interval there is a large crowd gathered at the stage and they are singing. They have placed several long stemmed red roses on the stage and I think they have been to a lot of Leonard Cohen concerts. The hours pass and there are many encores. He just keeps coming back on stage. He is skipping on and off, he has been kneeling down every second song and he makes Barry Manilow, who is 67, look like a 90 year old. I seriously do not want the concert to end but end it does and we wait outside for Miss Jane and Mr Grant. I think of buying a CD but the line is sooooo long I go without. There is no sign of the other 2 characters so we head home.

What an incredible night! Without doubt one of the highlights of the trip.

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