Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am up early and ready to change rooms first thing so I can have, hopefully, a hot shower. I pack and go down to reception and wouldn't you know it - my room is not ready. But she said!!!!! I was calm and did not get angry but my disappointment was purposefully visible. Back to my room, to my lukewarm shower, to my blocked drain and my bad mood. I knew I should have rung first but I didn't and that's that.

Today I will explore more and head to the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace which is full of expensive shops selling lots of glitzy stuff. I stop at the Atlantis Monument and wait for the show. Oh dear, it is quite dreadful. The sound quality is poor so I can't understand the story but I do know that sister (water) and brother (fire) are arguing with their dad over who is the best suited to take over the throne. I don't think either of them won and that's how the fall of Atlantis came about. You may want to google that if you are interested in the actual facts.

I'm not going to spend any money here so I head to the discount ticket booth and get tickets for the Bodies Exhibition and Titanic, both of which are/were here in Melbourne and I didn't get around to seeing. I have to trek all the way down the Strip to the other end where the Luxor Hotel is holding these exhibitions.

Let me just explain to you how this 5 minute trek, as the crow flies, can take 40 minutes. There are limited pedestrian crossings even though there are plenty of traffic lights. There are a number of overpasses that you have to use and all lead into the next casino. This means you go in and out of casinos constantly whether you like it or not. It is very frustrating. People meander here and most of the footpaths are not very wide so if you get 2 0r 3 people walking side by side you are stuck. As much as I try to slow down I just can't. Even at my slowest I am still paces ahead of my friends. Gladly I would find that I was not alone in having these difficulties.

Anyway, first I go into The Flamingo and try to leave a message for Miss Catherine who I am meeting with tonight to go to The Bellagio. She is driving and will arrive late afternoon but can't contact me as I have no phone. It's too busy and I am too impatient to wait. I will just make sure I get back around 5pm.

I am feeling a bit lonely and out of sorts, i.e. moody but I soldier on.

Choosing the Titanic Exhibition first I take my time and I am glad it isn't overly busy. I don't need another frustration, particularly one of crowds. As expected it is very interesting and sad. The passenger card I was given upon entry was of a woman who survived, as did her baby and husband.

I take a break and go to Starbucks for a coffee and piece of cake. So very sub standard. Then it's back up stairs to the Bodies Exhibition which is longer and a bit busier. Along the way there is a mother with her children, one of which is a boy of about 12. She has a very loud voice and is always calling for Simon to come here and telling him everything she knows about this particular part of the body. Simon is well behaved and I haven't heard a peep from him but his mother speaks to him as if he is a delinquent. I am offended for him and want to punch her in the face! Then I come across 5 women who are gathered around an exhibits of the intestine or something along those lines. They are discussing and comparing the ins and outs of their operations. The whole room can hear them so it's not just me that wants to smack them down like dominoes alongside Simon's mother who I cannot seem to get away from. The exhibition is interesting but I get a bit bored with it and rush through the last sections. I will never remember any of this information, there is so much to read.

I make my way back to The Flamingo to try again leaving a message for Miss Catherine. On my way in I spot 2 kittens at the bar so I stop and say hello. I quickly leave a message for Miss Catherine explaining I don't know my room number as I am about to change, then go back and have a drink with Miss Louise and Miss Kath. I am so glad to see someone I know I can't stop talking. I limit myself to 1 drink and head back to my hotel to move into my new room. There is a message already for me and I arrange to meet everyone back at the same bar we were just at after a much needed (hot) shower.

Bingo! The shower is hot but the drain is worse so I am standing in my shower water which is filling fast. Just lovely. The air vent doesn't make a mighty noise like the last room so that is something.

All dressed up with somewhere to go I soon meet the girls, then Miss C and I go off to The Bellagio as planned. I have come across Cafe Bellagio when doing my research and find it has very reasonable prices so we go there. There is a rather large queue but the place is only half full and we wonder if this is a ploy to create interest. We are seated and I order a champagne whilst perusing the delightful menu with many options and yes the prices are great. We immediately decide to come back for breakfast the next day and have made our food selection. But back to dinner. The meal is very nice and I eat some vegies. Miss C and I are getting along great and I have relaxed after my tense first days. The conseravatory is re-decorated for Christmas so there are lots of families (prams) and tourists who you would think had never seen a Christmas decoration before.

After dinner we head to the slot machines so we can score some free drinks. We find the 1 cent machines and put in $1. Our waitress brings us drinks that are pretty weak but who cares. We watch the roulette for a short while and soon call it a night. I stop in at Ghiradelli to pick up a hot chocolate and a brownie to take back to my room and blow me down I can't eat it all. So delish!!!!

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